Australia dollar drops amid fall in rate of unemployment

Oglądalność: 6114, długość 3m 10s, zasię 34, zaangażowanie 62. Sky News Business Editor Ross Greenwood says the Australian dollar fell to below 72 US cents on Thursday. "It's really come down ... from more than 75 US cents over the past few months," Mr Greenwood told Sky News Australia. ...
- Lock Downs have caused this thank your corrupt state premier.
- Tu sobie zobacz opalane deski na elewacje myśle że jest ok,
- Lay blame squarely on the Government. It is their actions that has damaged Australia beyond repair.
- Expect the AU Dollar to fall much further and thank our corrupt Politicians for this mess. You can't turn off the economy & turn it back on without breaking something.
- i was just about to buy omnisphere... and then i see this
- Life hack, Hundred dollar bills can be used as toilet paper if you run out,
- $0.72 is messed up . not recovering ever . 5 years from now it will be $0.50 we screwed
- Total rubbish the u.s dollar is worth 15 cents at I’m talking Bolivian peso.
- Unfortunately by using the terms "fall in rate of unemployment" you've eliminated about 90%. They'll think we got no jobs... Next to the Auslan interpreter they should have an interpreter for very stupid people. Would be of much more use..
- It’s probably due to printing money to hand out those grants
- If the unemployment went the other way they still would have said dollar dropped due to unemployment rate.
- Real headline should have read,
We have been off the gold standard for 50 years, fiat money worthless 🤣
- Fallen?? Sounds like a redefinition of what "unemployment" or "employment" actually means
- Walk around your shopping centers and streets. Have a look at all the shops that are closing or for lease; then tell me unemployment is actually dropping. Over here in Bayside shopping center in Victoria; the whole 3rd floor is closed and there's at least a dozen businesses that are wiped out.
- Who knew that making everyone stay at home increased employment. All the dole bludgers just need to stay home more often and bingo they wont be unemployed any more
- IT HAS STARTED...Batten down folks.
- And most jobs now are casual labour hire. Sad.
- Gold and silver as well as crypto gonna shine so bright. Get ready everyone.
- God- we needed Monica a long long time ago,
- Meanwhile politicians book holidays an buy new cars with the thousands they earn!
- what other can you expect 😅 🤞🏼 good luck